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Profile: Cedar, bergamot, amber, patchouli, vanilla

My favorite fall and winter get away is a place called Tenaya Lodge. It is located just outside of the south entry to Yosemite National Forest. The first time that I walked in I was greeted with the warmth of the crackling fireplace and the smells of fresh warm holiday  drinks being served and enjoyed right there in the main lobby.  From vanilla to cinnamon to the wood burning fireplace and the natural wood that surrounded us, I was in a beautiful olfactory overload. This fragrance is extremely reminiscent of that day. It’s warm and fresh and natural. One of my favorites for sure.

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1 review for Tenaya

  1. Jane Park (verified owner)

    This is such a beautifully unique and clean woodsy type scent but sweetened up with a hint of vanilla. This is my favorite one to burn during my daily meditation, it takes me straight to a peaceful forest. Love it!

    • Malissa Pineda

      One of my go to scents for meditataion as well. So happy that you love it.

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