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Happy Holiday’s

Pine. Cypress. Cedar.

This scent will keep you feeling like you’r in your favorite wooded forest.  It’s vibrant and clean. It creates a very nature-esque vibe. This candle is for someone who loves to find themselves amidst the crispness of an early winter hike. It’s refreshing and humbling. This is exactly why I named it HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I think sometimes we all need to take some time  to escape the rat race of holiday shopping and just breathe. Sit in nature and feel the renewing energy. Let’s be happy during the holidays. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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1 review for Happy Holiday's

  1. Jane Park (verified owner)

    This is the perfect holiday scent. The cool pine and warm cedar make you feel like you are in an enchanted holiday forest. I love it!

    • Malissa Pineda

      When I created this scent I immediately saw exactly that, an enchanted holiday forest full of twinkling lights and happiness. You totally captured the vibe that was intended. Very Happy!

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