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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my candle smoking? Can I do anything to stop this?

It is often believed that a candle is smoking because of the ingredients but the truth is that the cause is actually the wick. If the wick is not trimmed to ¼ inch before each burn the wick will inevitably become too large which in turn, will  create small amounts of carbon particles to escape and create what we see as smoke, often called soot once build up begins. Even a perfectly wicked and formulated candle will soot /smoke if the wick is not properly trimmed.

Why is it not safe to place my candle in front of an open window?

When a candle is exposed to a draft the flame becomes vulnerable and may begin to look as though it is jumping around or flickering. This can be very dangerous. Therefore, the candle should be extinguished immediately, allowed to cool then moved to a location that has no draft so that proper burn can take place. This wick behaviour is another cause of carbon release which also lead to smoke and or soot.


How long should I burn my candle?

When you light the candle for the first time you should be sure that you have enough time to allow the wax to melt from edge to edge which typically is 3-4 hours for our 10oz apothecary jar. Allowing a proper melt pool to develop will ensure that tunneling of your candle does not take place.

When should I stop using the candle?
When the solidified wax is about 1.5in. to 2in. From the bottom of the jar it is time to purchase a new candle. Trying to burn every last molecule of wax will create too much heat in the vessel and could lead to glass exploding.
Can I reuse the candle vessel?
Absolutely! In fact if you do, please post on IG and tag us @winopicandles with a picture of how you have repurposed the jar.
How do I clean out the wax from my jar?

To clean out the leftover wax all you need to do is run the jar under hot water and once the wax becomes warm I take a spoon and begin to scoop it out. When you can see the wick base just carefully place the spoon edge at the rim of the wick base and shimmy the sticker off of the jar bottom. Once all leftovers have been removed proceed to clean with dish soap and rinse well. The leftover wax must be discarded.