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A Candle Company Dedicated to Your Well-Being


Who doesn’t love walking into a room that smells so good you stop, take a deep sniff and smile? 

Well I know I love nothing more than a clean smelling home that sets a mood and creates a positive energy. 

Our Beginnings

How it all started

Six years ago my family began a journey into a clean and holistic way of living. We never intended to make life more difficult than it can already be but due to my son’s poor health we had no other choice. After a few days of prayer and reading we set forth to heal his suffering body and educate ourselves with all of the truths, not just the convenient ones. It wasn’t long till I became obsessed with reading ingredient labels and eliminating most things of pleasure from our home. The sacrifice was worth it! My son began to heal. We all did! I call this our miracle! 

Sadly, one of the first things to go was all of the toxic things like candles and room sprays. Fast forward three years and I decided to research candles. I tried to convince myself that they couldn’t be that bad but after reading so many research papers that provided evidence on the toxicity of some of the most commonly used ingredients I could no longer pretend as though buying one was ok. I thought to myself well I will make my own and I will only use the cleanest ingredients possible. I wasn’t worried about the cost because I was only making them for myself.

Our Discovery

How we got to where we are

I discovered that organically grown coconuts from the Philippines are shipped to the United States and processed with non organically grown soy to formulate a wax. This is the only wax I will use. It is 100% natural and 100% paraffin free. Now all I had to do was find fragrances that weren’t filled with horrible toxins that are known to be cancer causing, cell mutating, damaging to our reproductive systems and also our organs. Potentially that is. I’m not willing to play with ingredients like that! Ever! 

 Six months later I found a company that has clean ingredients. No carcinogens, no reproductive toxins, no organ toxins, not mutagens, no acute toxins.

I bought everything they offered and began making candles. Finally after what seemed like forever I poured my first candle.  My candles are poured using clean toxic free non prop 65 ingredients! I couldn’t be happier! They turned out perfect! I poured more and gave them to everyone I knew. Within one week I had my first order. 


Known and or thought to cause cancer.

Reproductive Toxins

Ingredients that are known or thought to negatively affect our reproductive organs. These toxins may also increase our risk of birth defects.

Organ Toxins

Specific organs may be adversely affected from these toxins. Disease may also arise within the organs due to exposure.


Material such as chemical agents that cause genetic mutation to happen at the cellular level. These changes are known to cause harm to the cell which can lead to diseases like cancer.


Acute Toxins

Usually this kind of toxicity happens during accidental circumstances such as ingestion of substance containing the toxic ingredients or large spillage of liquid that contains the toxic ingredient. This exposure can adversely affect our health.


Our Name

Someone asked what is the name of your company? “Company?” I thought. “Holy Smokes I have a company.” I laughed.

Just like that WINOPI was born. All I could think of was my children. They are why I buy organic and eat clean and read about how to keep them healthy and myself so that I don’t leave them due to some preventable disease like diabetes or cancer. Their names, Willow, Noah, Piper. That’s it! I will name my company WINOPI.


Our Packaging

I couldn’t stop with the attention to the ingredients. I had to do my best to choose packaging that was responsibly sourced. I have worked very hard to find affordable options and ultimately was able to  select recycled, upcycled, compostable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. I am not 100% yet but I promise my intentions are to one day be able to offer 100% eco friendly packaging. 

Our Love for Animals

The other biggest part of  Winopi Candle Company, and the most important to me, is our love for animals. Not just what we call domestic pets but for all of the lives that are intended for slaughter or abandoned or neglected and rescued. Since 2016 I have been 100% Vegan and I have made a Pledge to donate 10% of each sale to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a vegan farm sanctuary in Texas.


“Winopi candles smell amazing, and I can rest easy knowing the all natural ingredients are healthy and have not harmed any animals.”