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With all of the amazing scents that are available to make candles narrowing down what I would offer was by far the hardest part of creating WINOPI CANDLES. When I first started making and selling candles I had over 30 fragrances. I was totally that crazy candle lady for sure. It wasn’t long till I realized that I had to figure out a direction. It just didn’t make sense to stock so many candles. Besides, there were about only  a dozen that sold regularly. 

Figuring out the direction that I wanted Winopi Candles to go in was easy. The only things I care about besides my family, are GOD and what I call “my time.” “My time” is spent in practices that help me stay focused on my relationship with GOD. These practices include Yoga, Meditation, or reading something that helps me get better at staying connected to GOD. During one of my readings I discovered the “Fruits Of The Holy Spirit.” 

There are some discrepancies as to how many there actually are but in the King James Version which is the BIBLE version that I read, in the EPISTLE OF PAUL TO THE GALATIANS ch5 v22-23 he mentions 9, love, joy, peace, longsuffering (patience), gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness (kindness), temperance (self control) So, 9 it is. 

These 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit basically represent characteristics that one should live by. I wake up daily intending to live a life that GOD would be proud of, that I would be proud of. I fail quite often but I will never give up. I remind myself daily of these 9 character traits and I constantly take every moment possible as a mom to share them and their importance to my children. I truly believe that if humanity kept their hearts set on implementing these 9 words into their existence then our beautiful world could be what it was created to be. 

I selected which scents would represent each character by allowing my sense of smell to tell me what character trait was evoked when I did a blind smell test. I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope you get the same vibe that I got when you smell the fragrances that make up my SIGNATURE COLLECTION.