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I can’t imagine dreaming of success without the intention of giving some of that success to the less fortunate. As I have mentioned before I believe strongly in living a vegan lifestyle. Originally my journey began for health reasons but once I, the consumer, educated myself I was horrified at the pure brutality that took place daily for me to eat that chicken breast or bbq ribs or even something as simple as a glass of milk. The truth is there is nothing simple about it. I can never justify paying my hard earned money for the suffering and misery of a helpless animal. 

I know that I would only find success and happiness if I took some of the profit from my candles and donated it directly to an animal sanctuary.  There are many people out there sacrificing their time,  their money and their life so that the madness of animal raising for slaughter can stop. I found a place that believes in what I believe in and the work that founder Renee King-Sonnen has done is truly remarkable. ROWDY GIRL SANCTUARY was once a Texas Cattle Ranch that is now fighting what I call the good fight. Their mission is to rescue these beautiful loving animals from slaughter and give them a life that they deserve, a life filled with love and compassion. This mission also includes educating anyone that is willing to listen. 

I am honored and blessed to be able to be a part of their journey. Our promise is that 10% from each sale goes directly to ROWDY GIRL SANCTUARY. So with every happy home that is burning a Winopi Candle there is a beautiful animal benefitting. 

Take a moment to visit the website of ROWDY GIRL SANCTUARY. Perhaps you will fall in love with one or more of the beautiful furry faces.