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I never even thought twice about using “scented” candles and room sprays in my home. I guess I was like most consumers and I purchased things that looked pretty and smelled good. I trusted the makers. Knowing what I know now, I would say that my consumerization had more to do with ignorance than trust. I never would have guessed that the store bought candle that burned in nearly every room of home was potentially causing my autoimmune disease or contributing to my son’s asthma. The side effects of some of the ingredients that are commonly used to create the fragrances that are then used to make the candles that many of us buy are truly horrible and in my opinion should be illegal. But, we all know that profit is more important to many big companies and the truth is usually dressed up in a pretty label which means we turn a blind eye and buy.

I now have different feelings about giving my money so freely to big business. I feel that since my hard earned money is contributing to their success that I, as a consumer/customer have the right to know what I am truly paying for. 

I have also learned that even as a newby small business owner it isn’t easy tracking all of the ingredients and the sourcing of products that I have selected to go into my company. I have worked diligently through research and personally contacting manufacturing companies to get the answers that I believe a consumer should have access to. Through this research I have decided to not offer room sprays. There is one ingredient that I wouldn’t use in my home therefore, it isn’t good enough to offer to any of my customers. Until I find an all natural or cleanly created substitute I will not offer Room Sprays. 

Below I have attached some interesting findings on the chemicals that typically go into creating fragrance oils. I left out the super sciency jargon filled research papers that might put you to sleep instead, I found sites that basically translated the findings into relative language.  I hope you  enjoy the info and use it to take back your consumer power! Demand a better product – you and your loved ones deserve it!